The Cricket and the Grasshopper met on the hill.
The Cricket said to the Grasshopper , "I'll dance if you will".
"Sorry"said the Grasshopper, "I have work to do".
"You dance - I'll work and watch you!"
"Oh no" said the Cricket, with a gleam in his eye.
"I never dance alone - I'm to shy!"
"Well" said the Grasshopper, "I have children
That must be fed! If I don't hurry they will be in bed."
"You have a good evening and watch out for the BEAST!"
They are lurking everywhere looking for a feast"
When all of a sudden there appeared the BIG RED HEN
and her brood of FIVE.
The Grasshopper yelled,"Get down in the hole! They will
eat us alive." They fell in the hole with a thud. the Cricket
didn't look like himself, all covered in mud. So after a time there was no noise or sound. so the two of them climbed out on the ground.
The Grasshopper said,"You'd better be on your way, you'd better not stay". "At six tomorrow come back to the HILL. I'll be ready to dance
if you will."The Cricket left as happy as he could be! He danced and
shouted, "He's going to dance with me!"

by S